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Comments Screened!! [21 Mar 2030|09:00pm]


I've just begun watching Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard. While I'm not 100% versed in the finer points of Trek lingo/information (despite growing up in a house where I was exposed to many Trek series/movies), I'm highly interested in some of the characters and was inspired to write some.

Because of my lack of knowledge, I'd like to keep my writing light. I'm all for the fluff, romances, and even smut (I never fade to black) and I don't like to be too serious/dramatic because life is dark enough (especially right now.) I only play females because I'm kind of horrible at writing dudes, and I'm looking for het lines at the moment. AU's are welcome!

I have some ships (albeit crack!ships and likely taboo!ships) I would love to try and here they are:

🖖 Sylvia Tilly x Gabriel Lorca
🖖 Sylvia Tilly x Christopher Pike
🖖 Number One x Christopher Pike
🖖 Soji Asha x Rios
🖖 Soji Asha x Elnor
🖖 Soji Asha x Narek
🖖 Soji Asha x Hugh (This one seems really odd, I know, but I love Jonathan Del Arco)

I like to write, but sometimes my replies can be a bit shorter than I anticipate (especially if I reply via mobile) but I try my best and I try to reply as quickly as possible. I'm a third person storybook individual and I don't need some massive reply, but I welcome it if you're the type of person who does put a ton into your writing. All journals, no Discord/Wire/instant message program.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone who wants to take a bite! :)
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